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Participant/Client Testimonials

Professional Development / Leadership Education Training

 “This training is critical to where we are in the institution at this time. The instructional components are exceptional and you do a great job in presenting the information in a way for all to understand.”

James Allen, VP, Human Resources, Atlanta, GA

“I’ve been taking leadership training for 20 years. This is by far the best and most comprehensive training program that I have ever attended.”

Gary Keys, VP, Institutional Advancement, Atlanta, GA

“We contacted Ms. Adams-Robinson to customize several employee skills development training session to address specific motivational and employee engagement concerns. She quickly earned the reputation as a trainer of excellence with the capacity to get to the core root of an issue and help employees fully understand their critical role in achieving organizational goals.”

Hyacinth Bryant, Training Manager, Atlanta, GA

“Brenetia is an excellent presenter -- very engaging. She is able to meet people where they are.” 

Linda Brown, Program Coordinator, Atlanta, GA

“The results of Brenetia’s workshops speak volumes about her talent. She has established her consulting firm as a firm that renders data-based results. Her SWOT strategy and other analytical assessments were impressive to me and my team.” 

Michael Hicks, Director, IT Services, Albany, GA

Personal Development / Empowerment Training

“Brenetia teaches with clarity and complete understanding. She is gifted to do what she does.”

Linda Michelle Trainer, Executive Director, Powder Springs, GA

“Brenetia’s teaching style is superior. I have never seen anyone teach like she does. She makes everything so clear.”

Apostle Beverly Jones, Ministry Director, Hamilton, Bermuda

“Ms. Adams-Robinson is gifted beyond words. She teaches and reaches deep down within you where others fail to go. Her gift is like medicine, taken in the right dosage renders healing, wholeness, joy, direction, peace, and wisdom. I often say to others, “I wish I could bottle her up and pass her around”.

Helenda Williams, Woman2Woman Participant, Atlanta, GA

“What can I say about Ms. Adams-Robinson’s training, other than it is transforming, life changing, and wonderful. I attended the 8-week summer series and I haven’t been the same since. I have grown in areas that I thought no one could reach. Learning my authentic self was eye opening, much like a rebirthing. It was WONDERFUL!!!”

Woman2Woman Series Participant, Atlanta, GA

“Brenetia has an anointed gift to teach and impart knowledge. I am a licensed counselor and she challenged me to grow.”

Dr. Gayle Rogers, ACE Founder / CEO, Atlanta, GA

“In addition to discovering me, I have learned to release the things of the past that for so many years have hindered me from being who God created and purposed for me to be. I am now on the road to my purpose and destiny”

Woman2Woman Series Participant, Atlanta, GA

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