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The Authenticity Leadership Blueprint

Greetings Empowered 

Women of Excellence!

Are You Ready to Remove Leadership Barriers…  and Truly SOAR?!

Recent research supports that women in general are making major strides in impacting organizational success strategy as well as in achieving their personal goal. However, there are still many struggling to make success happen in their leadership roles.  Many are still feeling stuck and limited, not making the impact they desire as leaders of excellence.

Does this sound like you?  If so, are you ready to release the mental roadblocks and self-doubt that keep you from being the leader of excellence, influence, and impact you are meant to be?

If so, it's time to take action and embrace the mission to position yourself to Soar as a Leader of Excellence!  

It's time to Take Flight!

Your Flight Mission to Leadership Excellence!

** The Mission**

 A 10-week Journey of Self-Discovery to Unleash Your Leadership Capacity to Soar! 

**5-month coaching program of bi-weekly sessions!**

** Your Investment in You**

-  Inaugural Class: $997  - If Paid in Full 

    (20% Savings)

-  Or 5 monthly payments of $250 

($1250.00 investment)

**Regular Pricing Hereafter: $1497**

ALB Coaching Camp Free Bonus Pack

Bonus 1: Customized ECS "Life Assessment P.I.E.” Tool & Dr. Bre's "Life Management Planning" Audio Download.  Bonus Pack Value: $400

Bonus 2: 12-month Access to the S.O.A.R. Empowerment Mastermind community.

Bonus Pack Value: $1200 

Bonus 3: Two 1x1 30-minute individual leadership coaching sessions during 10-weeks.

Bonus Pack Value: $550

Bonus 4: Full color 90-day Spiritual Journey

Bonus Pack Value: $100

Total Bonus Pack Value: $2250

Your Mission's Launch Date - March 24, 2022!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take a journey of self-discovery to address subconscious drivers that undermine your empowered potential to be bold in your God-given identity, empower and inspire your team, and soar into your leadership greatness. 

Imagine 5-months from now, being confident in embracing the most authentic version of yourself; speaking with poise, empathy, and authority; and getting the results and respect you desire personally and professionally in team collaborations and leadership interactions.  You can finally say "I am the person and leader of impact and influence God created me to be." This is all possible when you engage in Dr. Bre's unique approach to self-awareness and leadership excellence.

If you are ready to shake self-limiting beliefs or mental roadblocks on your empowerment journey, The Authenticity Leadership Blueprint is the leadership coaching regimen you need. As a specialist in emotional empowerment and leadership strategy, 

Dr. Bre is committed to helping you achieve your next level leadership goals and SOAR (See Outstanding Amazing Results). If you are ready for to take the next here to complete the registration process.